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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


although we are now silent, but I have never forgotten you but I always remember you .. yes I know this since I was busy working late but I have reasons why I'm always working. remember you once again want to say happiness without any problem but we are often in lye problem. I was busy working alone I want to meet their promises on you .. I know the one I stayed and did not contact you. I was wrong and I'm sorry .. I always longed for and I do not deny that I still love you as before and has never changed .. sorry if I'm not perfect in the eyes of you .. but I want you to know that you're always in my heart even though the weight I want to express my feelings but that to you .. we already knew a long time "from PURPLE to BLUE" but unfortunately I still do not change "..

and for your knowledge, I do not go back to the golden age of me but I want to find and learn new life just for us in the future .. although I know, if there is a match for our soul mate .. thank you because before this was shining on my life and brighten the faded .. I appreciate ..

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