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Thursday, October 21, 2010

pOsto ! pOsto !

dear gadis kecil molek ..

When i saw you walk into the room , thought i'd try to talk to you , baby girl ? am i ever glad because you wanted me too .. its has been 2 years to the day , half the time i have been away because i know im not enough buts thats gonna change because im coming back to show you that i'm keeping the promise i made and to make you happy like before .. When im with you , i'll make every second count cause i miss you whenever you not around me and when i kiss your check and forehead when i send you at home after hanging out , i still get butterfly years from now and i'll make second count when im with you .. i don't miss you just who you used to be .. hurmm ..

yeah ! thats true .. we've had our ups and down , getting fight , laugh and cry but we've always worked them out .. but im ever glad we got this so far now .. still im lying here tonight , wishing i was by your side , having fun together2 , laugh , laugh and laugh cause when im not there enough , nothing feels right i think .. So im coming back to show you that i LOVE you the rest of my life ..

What ever it takes , im not gonna break the promise i made for you .. i love you and even tho it's not going well for us right now .. i'll always love you .. i care about you more than you could ever know .. every second i spend with you i will cherish because i've lost you before i know how painful it is to be without you i dont want that again. even if we aren't together .. i miss you.feels like forever since i saw you last .. i never dreamed i would get to be with you the way i have been .. i wish i was by your side right now .. i love you always and now i thank to Allah cause make we meet each other back and i hope we can make a new life together without any cheating , negative path , bad attitude or anything negative to us .. from deep of my heart im still love you when im with you , i'll make every second count cause i miss you whenever you not around me

sincerely from :
hijau purple

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