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Friday, March 18, 2011

Where Do I Begin

The question is where ? where ? where should do i begin ?

argh ! its terrible and so complicated .. im realize that maybe im not suitable but i cant stop thinking cause it always cross in my mind .. where i do begin to tell the story , the feeling , the fantasy , the dreaming of how great it can be but ...

i cant ..
i cant ..

i donno how to start it . it gave new meaning to this empty world of mine but it came into my life and made the living fine and fills it with very special things .. with an angel's songs , with wild imaginings and fills my soul .. argh !

everywhere i go , when im working or do anything , im never alone like the motto of LIVERPOOL said .. " You Never Walk Alone " .. its juz a sample oke , im die-hard-fan of CHELSEA FC .. hehe ! but ...

How long does it last , can be a measured by the hours in a day but i have no answers not but this much i can say and i know i'll need it till the stars all burn away and R'll be there :)

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